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Why thousands of Investors choose Banxso every day.

Unmatched safety features, global reach, and simplicity.

Exceptional choice for beginners and small-budget investors.

Step by step training suitable for anyone.

Precision-engineered technology in the markets you’ve been waiting for.

Our unsurpassed high-tech algorithms and AI-based systems are custom-designed to give you the knowledge you need.

We’re also famous for our transparent, honest and fair dealings with our clients.

That is why savvy investors choose Banxso.

A premium quality platform for all investors

We are proud to offer equal opportunities to all of our investors.

You get to invest the way you want…no annoying restrictions like on other platforms.

We give everyone the treatment, as well as the freedom to trade the way they want.

We place everyone at the same level with the more privileged traders and investors.

Constantly updated insights into market behaviour and direction

You can access up-to-the-minute information and insights on any financial market.

That’s why traders in the know choose us.

Traders | Commission-free online trading | Banxso

Large choice of financial instruments.

Banxso offers a superb array of investing assets including:

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Currency pairs

We operate in more than twenty financial markets and give you the opportunity to invest in any of hundreds of financial instruments.

Unique financial market insights

Our platform is designed to keep your finger on the pulse of financial markets. At Banxso, you will find an array of advanced tools, together with real-time access to opinions and analyses of our financial experts. These tools and services, combined with up-to-the-minute charts and diagrams, will help you in making investing decisions.

Cutting-edge technology

Banxso closely follows the latest technological developments in online financial investing. Our advanced tools allow investors to receive in-depth views on the economic and geopolitical factors affecting financial markets. Armed with an overview of the prices and patterns affecting assets, you will be more equipped to predict market movements.

Lower spreads with speedy execution

At Banxso, we take pride in offering low spreads. Through our network of prime brokers and liquidity providers, Banxso’s smart pricing engine makes sure we give our investors the lowest spreads possible. Customers can benefit from our low spreads and reliable order execution.

Low commissions with reliable execution

Banxso’s powerful suite of data and analytics tools allows investors to choose from thousands of shares to buy or sell and build a diverse portfolio. Every investor opening an account with us benefits from low-cost share dealings and gets three months of zero commissions.