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An index is simply said a basket of multiple stocks from the same sector or economy.

Ideal for the investor with a wider perspective.

An index, or indices in plural, is simply an asset that allows you to gain exposure to a sector of an economy or to the whole economy of a country with one single trade.

Trading indices carries lower risk and provides more diversification than individual stocks, because they are essentially baskets of related stocks.

With Banxso you can access 24 of the world’s major indices and trade them with up to 200:1 leverage, and of course, ZERO commission.

Reasons to trade Indices with Banxso

0% Commission

Pay no commission when trading Indices.

20+ Global Indices

Trade indices from all 5 continents.

Up to 200:1 Leverage

Take advantage of leverage to increase buying power.

Trade the world’s most popular Indices with Banxso


Indices are a good entry point for entering the world of investing.

They are long-term investment assets and require little to none management of the position.

However if you need assistance with Indices, Banxso has you covered.

We provide complete Indices education programs for FREE to all our clients.

Here is what they include:

Trading Courses

Platform Walkthroughs


Video Guides

Educational Webinars

1-on-1 Sessions with an Analyst