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Trade Oil, Gold and other Commodities with ZERO COMMISSION.

Banxso | Commission-free Trading | Cryptocurrency | Forex Trading

Banxso offers ZERO COMMISSION trading to 25+ different commodities.

Commodities have been around since the inception of the financial markets. They come in a variety of categories such as energies like oil and gas, metals like gold and silver, or soft commodities like sugar and coffee.

Commodity demand and prices usually rise as inflation levels increase. This makes them an excellent asset to add diversification to your portfolio and protect it against inflation.

Reasons to trade Commodities with Banxso

0% Commission

Pay no commission when trading Commodities.

25+ different commodities

Trade the most popular Commodities from all around the world.

Up to 200:1 Leverage

Take advantage of leverage to increase buying power.

Trade the world’s most popular Commodities with Banxso


Banxso provides complete Commodities education programs for FREE to all our clients.

Here is what they include:

Trading Courses

Platform Walkthroughs


Video Guides

Educational Webinars

1-on-1 Sessions with an Analyst