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Frequently Asked Questions.

To withdraw funds from your account, login to your account and select the withdraw button. You will then be directed to the steps required to receive your funds.

In order to create a safe trading environment, every account must be verified. Look for an email with a link to click to verify your account quickly.

In order to verify your account with identification documents, you’ll need to upload a picture of your government ID and a recent utilities bill. No document older than three months is acceptable. In addition, you’ll need to specify the means of withdrawal, either by bank transfer or credit card transfer

The withdrawal page has a link to upload your documents. Look for the button that says “Upload now”.

The minimum deposit amount with Banxso is $250. We offer a low initial funding amount to give newer traders an easy opportunity to enter the markets.

In order to open a trade, your account needs to have funds to cover the cost of the trade you wish to execute.

Copy Trading, also known as social trading, is a simplified method of trading, where all you do is copy the activity of a trader whose performance is what you would like to replicate within your account. Simply select the trading profile you want to copy, and set it to copy trades. Every action taken by the copied trading profile will be executed in your account.

You can reach Banxso via Live Chat, the pink chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen, or via WhatsApp, Telegram, Email and Telephone. Visit our Support page to contact us.

Select Buy or Sell, then click Invest. Your position will be opened momentarily.

From inside the trading window, select the Close button. This will immediately close the trading position.

If you forgot your password, select forgot password from the login screen. You will be directed to verify your account, and then directed to generate a new password.