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Start with as little as $250 and begin trading immediately.

Would you like a friend or family member to deposit into your trading account?

Now it’s possible with Banxso Third Party Deposits.

Here’s how to deposit funds:

Credit Card

To make a deposit using a Debit/Credit card, please follow the steps below:

Write to us at [email protected] and let us know the payment processor of your choice. Our staff will research it to see if it can be added to our site

Deposit via Standard Bank

Online Banking

  1. From the home screen, click on ‘Pay’ at the top right of the screen
  2. Select ‘Pay someone new’
  3. Enter the beneficiary name
  4. Select the country of the beneficiary bank using the options available
  5. Confirm the currency of the payment*
  6. Select ‘Account type’ to enter either the beneficiary account number or IBAN
  7. Select ‘Bank Code type’ to enter either a valid Swift or Sort code 
  8. Click on ‘Next’ to continue 
  9. Choose the account you wish to pay ‘From’
  10. Enter the value for the transaction
  11. Choose the payment of fees
  12. You can also edit the value date
  13. Then choose recognisable references you and the beneficiary can use to identify your payment
  14. You have the choice to save the payment details by selecting ‘Save as a stored payment’
  15. Click ‘Review’ once all information has been entered
  16. Review the details of your transaction and ‘Confirm’ if you’re satisfied
  17. Enter the security code that you will generate using your token device and click on ‘Submit’ to confirm the transaction.
  18. You will receive a confirmation message when your payment has been processed
  19. Click ‘Done’ to return to the home screen, or ‘Make another’
Deposit via Absa

Online Banking

  1. On the Absa website home page click on Logon in the top right of the screen
  2. Logon to Absa Online Banking
  3. Click CashSend on the top of the screen
  4. Select CashSend beneficiaries
  5. Click on CashSend a new beneficiary
  6. Accept the verification request sent to your registered device
  7. Complete the Beneficiary details as well as the CashSend details
    Click Next (Beneficiary bank SWIFT and branch code Beneficiary bank account number Beneficiary account name and address Details of payment Detailed invoice (if required)
  8. Verify the CashSend details and click Confirm
  9. Accept the verification request sent to your registered device
  10. Your CashSend transaction is successful
    Click Done

Mobile Banking

  1.  Login to your mobile banking
  2. Click “Pay” in the upper left part of the screen
  3. Press “Pay New Beneficiary”
  4. Fill in Banxo’s banking details
  5. Put your Banxso trading account in the “Beneficiary Reference” field
  6. Choose “Email” when asked where to receive your Payment Notification
  7. Click “Next”
  8. Click “Continue” (The new Beneficiary will be added after this step)
  9. Press “Pay Beneficiary” (Banxso will most likely come up instead of Beneficiary)
  10. Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  11. Choose the type of transaction you wish to use (Normal – Free but takes 24-48 hours to reflect ; Immediate – Reflects of the same day, however there is a fee ; Future dated payment – You can schedule the payment to take place in the future)
  12. Click “Accept and Pay” (Pay + Accept and Pay + Pay)
  13. Client has 1 minute to approve the payment with the 2 factor authentication – Click “Approve”
  14. Click “Done”
Deposit via Bidvest Bank

Mobile Banking

  1. Download the Bidvest bank app on your android/ios phone/tablet
  2. Register with your email address, account number, and password
  3. After registration, login and then choose “Transfer” from the menu and fill out the necessary info including the beneficiary details
  4. In case of online banking, visit the website and click on online banking. Choose the personal banking and fill out the form
  5. Log in your details and proceed to transfer to perform your transaction
Deposit via African Bank

Online Banking

  1. Visit the African Bank online banking page from your laptop, desktop or smartphone
  2. Click on “Register” top right and follow the registration process (an email address, cellphone number and ID will be needed)
  3. Login to your Online Banking
  4. Add Banxso as a new Beneficiary by filling in the required fields with our bank information
  5. Decide on the account you wish to deposit from, the amount you wish to deposit and the date when you wish to deposit and press “Pay/Send”
  6. Confirm the transaction in your Online banking if needed

Cell Phone Banking

  1. Choose option #4 – payments&transfers
  2. Click on option #3 Bank Listed Beneficiary
  3. Fill out the details for Bank listed beneficiary (name of the company, address, the bank account number (IBAN), phone number)
  4. Choose an account transferring from
  5. Select the newly added bank beneficiary
  6. Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  7. Confirm transfer details
Deposit via Tyme

Online & Mobile Banking

  1. Login with your online Banking Account
  2. Input your ID number + login PIN used before
  3. Make sure to enable Online Transactions
  4. Select “Pay Someone”, fill in the company’s Banking information + the amount you want to send
  5. Click on “Confirm and Pay”
  6. Submit the OTP you receive on your phone in the required field and then press “Confirm”
Deposit via Capitec Bank

Online Banking

  1. Login to your banking application
  2. Scroll down and select the “Pay Beneficiary” option
  3. Select the “Add Beneficiary” option
  4. Select the “Bank Account” option
  5. Fill in the Banxso bank details in the required fields and click “Add”
  6. For you to save the Beneficiary you will need to use your “Remote PIN” as verification and click “Confirm”
  7. Once you have added the beneficiary, select “Pay Now”
  8. Select the account you wish to pay from and enter the amount you wish to deposit
  9. Scroll down and select “Pay” and then Confirm the transaction


Mobile Banking

  1. Press “Transact”
  2. Press “Payments”
  3. Choose or create a Beneficiary and Select “Pay”
  4. Enter the payment details: Amount and Reference (Banxso Trading Account)
  5. Press “Immediate Payment”
  6. Enter your secret “Remote PIN” to confirm
Deposit via NedBank

Online Banking

  1. Login to Online Banking

  2. Select “Pay”

  3. Select “Single Payment”

  4. Type the details of the payee

  5. Select the payment method

  6. Select the bank

  7. Enter the account number

  8. Enter the amount

  9. Select the account from which you would like to pay

  10. Select the payment date (Client has the option to schedule a future payment)

  11. Enter your reference

  12. Enter the recipient’s reference

  13. Select the notification type for your proof of payment: EMAIL

  14. Select “Next”

  15. Check that all the details are correct. You have the option to save this payee as a recipient (Once you do that the payment method, bank and account number are prepopulated)

  16. Select “Pay”

Please note that the default daily limit is 150,000 ZAR.

To change the daily limit, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to “Online Banking”

  2. Click on “Settings”

  3. Click on “Profile Settings”

  4. Click on “Profile Limits”

  5. Change your chose profile limits, temporarily or permanently

Deposit via FNB (First National Bank)

Online Banking

  1. Login to your Online Banking profile
  2. Select the “Pay” tab
  3. Select the “Once Off” sub tab
  4. Select the type of recipient you want to pay. Banxso clients should choose “An Account”
  5. Fill in “Recipient name”, “Bank”, “Amount” and “My Reference (Banxso Trading Account)”
  6. Select the account you wish to make the payment from and the date in case you wish to schedule the payment for a future date.
  7. Select the “Pay” button in the bottom right
  8. Review the confirmation screen and double check the information submitted
  9. Click “Confirm” in the bottom right
  10. Enter your OTP (One time PIN) and click “Submit”
  11. A result screen will display the result of your payment. Select the “Finish” button to return to the “Once Off” landing page.
Deposit via Investec

Online Banking

  1. Login into your Online Banking
  2. Select “Payments” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select “Beneficiaries”
  4. Select “Add New Beneficiary” and fill the required fields with the Banxso bank details
  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit next to the Beneficiary you wish to pay and press “Pay”