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8.7% Interest Rate

We’re providing an unbeatable 8.7% interest rate* on your account equity. This is an exclusive chance to get more from your funds while you’re deciding on your next big trade.

Trade. Earn. Repeat.
Unbeatable 8.7% interest.

Harness Your Savings

Are you seeking a way to turbocharge your trading funds? With Banxso, we’ve rolled out an unrivalled offer that’s geared specifically towards ambitious traders like you. We’re providing an incredible 8.7% interest rate* on your deposits. This is an exclusive chance to get more from your funds while you’re deciding on your next big trade.

Raise the Bar

This isn’t just a bonus, it’s a revolution.
The 8.7% interest rate that we’re offering is one of the highest in the industry, exceeding the standards set by major banks. We are not your grandfather’s bank! Let your funds work for you, even when they are at rest.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Deposit funds to your account and earn interest even while trading. You have the opportunity to generate funds both from your trading activity and from the interest rate.

Unlock Your Funds

Unlike banks that lock your money for a long period of time and only then give you interest, Banxso allows you to trade with your funds immediately and earn interest all at the same time.

Qualify Easily

With Banxso, we believe in making your trading experience smooth and rewarding. To qualify for our unmatched interest rate, you don’t need to have generated a specific trading volume or have deposited a certain amount of funds. You are eligible to receive interest on top of your funds every week regardless of your open trades or their profitability.

Trade Freely and Steadily

At Banxso, we have redefined the trading experience for all. Now, your entire account balance earns an 8.7% interest, even as you actively trade. We’ve created more avenues to earn. It’s your money, make it work harder!

Ready to BOOST your BALANCE?

Getting started is easy. Log into your account today, start trading and watch your balance grow.
Remember, this promotion is aimed at both new and established clients. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Banxso as your trading partner. Together we can reach new heights.

* Terms and Conditions apply

Contact your Success Manager or our Customer Support Team via [email protected] for more information on how to participate.