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MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform | Forex & Stock Trading | Banxso

MetaTrader 5

It has been the industry standard for CFD trading in the past 20+ years.

MetaTrader5 provides an advanced solution for investors that includes technical analysis tools, trading signals, enabled hedging and advanced charting features.

MetaTrader5 needs no introduction nowadays.

A main feature of the platform is the Algorithmic Trading that allows you to automate your strategies and let them run, without you having to be in front of the computer.

MetaTrader5 is based on the MQLS programming language, which is open-source and everyone with programming knowledge can customise the platform as they see fit.

Before implementing a strategy you can back-test it in a simulated environment and see the estimated results.

Expert Advisors, which are readily-made automated strategies, can also be downloaded and used by all clients.