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“Refer a Friend” Promotion Terms & Conditions


This document sets forth the Terms & Conditions (the “Terms”) for the “Refer a Friend” Promotion (the “Promotion”) facilitated by Banxso Proprietary Limited (“Banxso” or the “Company”), holding Financial Services Provider (FSP) (Registration Number: 2021/119980/07; License Number: 37699). The Promotion is designed to reward existing clients (hereinafter referred to as the “Referee”) of Banxso for referring new clients (hereinafter referred to as “Referrals”) to engage in live trading activities with the Company.

Eligibility and Participation

  1. Participation in the Promotion necessitates that both the Referee and Referrals possess fully verified and activated trading accounts in adherence to Banxso’s General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Enrollment in the Promotion shall be initiated by the Referee’s Success Manager and is subject to the Company’s final approval.
  3. All trading activities under this Promotion are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Banxso.

Promotion Mechanics

  1. The Promotion grants a Bonus to the Referee’s trading account, contingent upon the quantity of successful Referrals made.
  2. The Bonus amount is directly proportional to the number of Referrals, with specific calculation metrics provided herein.
  3. Banxso commits to processing Promotion participations expediently, aiming to allocate the Bonus within 10 business days following the Referrals account verification, including KYC and AML compliance checks.

Bonus Calculation

  • Referrals numbering 1 to 5 will entail a Bonus equivalent to 15% of each Referral’s initial deposit.
  • Referrals numbering 6 to 10 will entail a Bonus equivalent to 20% of each Referral’s initial deposit.
  • Referrals exceeding 10 will entail a Bonus equivalent to 30% of each Referral’s initial deposit.

Company Rights

Banxso reserves the exclusive right to modify, update, or cancel the Promotion and/or Bonus at any discretion, with or without prior notice, through communication on the Company’s Website.

Exclusions & Disqualifications

  1. Engaging in market abuse, price manipulation, or any form of abusive trading practices, as delineated herein, will precipitate immediate exclusion from the Promotion.
  2. Detection of abusive trading practices will lead to:
    • Cancellation of trading orders.
    • Reclamation of any historically gained profits through such practices.
    • Termination of the client’s account in accordance with General Terms and Conditions.
    • Disqualification from receiving any Promotion Bonus.
  1. Inactive trading accounts are ineligible for the Promotion.

Dispute Resolution

Banxso commits to addressing disputes impartially and equitably. Decisions rendered by Banxso in dispute resolution are final.

Acknowledgment and Risk Disclosure

The undersigned acknowledges agreement to these Terms, recognizing the inherent risks in trading CFD products, as previously disclosed upon account initiation with Banxso.


Banxso reserves the right to amend, remove, change, or terminate the Promotion at any discretion, without prior notice.