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Trade Better
Together with Cooma

With Cooma, you can invest without the pressure of having to manually manage your portfolio.

Access the Cooma platform directly from your Banxso account where you can join a community of professional traders and see every move in their portfolios.

Follow their strategies, evaluate their performance, and decide whether you want to copy their trades, or share yours with them.

the Leader

Professional traders open positions, you pick which ones to copy and let them do the hard work.

Take full advantage of risk-management tools even with automatically opened positions.

Set your own stop-loss and take-profit levels and access expert analysis on the assets you want.

the Leader

Are you a top-performing trader? Do you want to earn more from your portfolio?

Share your success by becoming one of Banxso’s trading Leaders and start earning from your copiers.

Gain copiers from around the world who want to succeed with your trading ideas and strategies.

There is a Trader in

Ready to become a trader but you never had the time?

Want to share your trading potential but you never had the opportunity?

If so, you’re in the right place.