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Top-ranking Banxso Investments.

A gateway to more trading opportunities.

Whether you are investing for the long or short term, we will help you.

You will discover how to use investment strategies to develop your own approach to generate returns.

Our advanced platform, smart tools, and knowledgeable investors will help you take full advantage of the global financial markets without intermediaries.

Why Invest with Banxso?

You choose how to invest.

Employ any existing investment strategy, or let us help you develop your own approach that will suit your schedule and risk tolerance.

At Banxso, you will invest on your own terms, whatever investment you make.

Technologically Advanced Platform.

Banxso is powered by complex algorithms and is fully equipped with technologically advanced tools and services.

Armed with Banxso’s insights into the workings of financial markets, you can develop bright investment ideas and make informed investment decisions.

Competitive Commission Rates.

At Banxso, you can enjoy the first three months of investment for free. After the initial three-month trial, we will give you competitive commission rates that start low and stay low throughout the whole duration of your investing journey.

How Can You Invest with Banxso?

Whatever investment strategy you want to put into practice, we will guide you along on the best decision.

Established Share Dealing Service.

Invests in thousands of stocks in the major financial markets around the world. With Banxso, you can go long-term, take a medium-term approach, or look for short-term gains. Whatever investment strategy you choose, we’ve got your back.

Take Control Of Your Future.

When you invest with Banxso, you are in the driver’s seat. We offer you thousands of stocks at the touch of a button. We also allow you full access to the insights, analyses, and tips given by our experts and trading consultants. But it is you alone who takes control of your investments at Banxso.

Customer Support That’s Always there for you

Our customer support team is here to help. Whenever you need answers to your questions, we will be there for you to lend you a helping hand.

Here’s what we offer:

Live Chat

Talk directly to our customer support team via our live chat function. Our live chat is available 24 hours, five days a week.

Knowledge Center

Our trading academy contains webinars, articles, daily market reviews, and trading ideas about every aspect of trading and investing.

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Trading Tools

Trading Tools - We have all the tools to get you trading like a pro in no time.