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Boost Your Balance with Banxso:
Get More From Your Money

Banxso Interest Rate Promotion:
Earn While You Trade

At Banxso, we believe in making your money work for you, which is why we are thrilled to introduce our innovative interest rate promotion. Designed with the modern, savvy trader in mind, our promotion allows you to earn a generous 8.7% annual interest on your deposited funds. Yes, you read it right – an 8.7% annual interest rate on your account balance!*

But there’s a twist. Unlike most interest rate programs that only reward idle cash, we’re taking it a step further. We know that as a young, ambitious trader, you’re not just keeping money in your account – you’re actively trading. So, why shouldn’t you earn interest on that too? With our unique plan, you’ll earn interest not only on your unused cash but also on the funds you’ve deployed for trading.


Let’s say you have an average balance of R10,000 in your account for one week. At the end of that week, you would earn interest of R16.75 (R10,000 * 8.7% / 52 weeks). This interest is automatically credited into your Banxso account, adding to your total funds available for trading.

This powerful feature is our way of saying thank you for choosing Banxso as your preferred trading platform. Start earning more today. Make a deposit, make trades, and let your money do the work. Grow your wealth with Banxso, where your profits and passion meet.

*Interest rate is based on current market rates.  Interest rates fluctuate with the markets and based on actions taken by the South African National Bank. The interest rate may increase or decrease without notice depending on market conditions.

Here's how it WORKS:

From the moment you deposit funds into your Banxso account, your balance starts to earn an 8.7% annual interest rate. That means every Rand you have in your account is growing in value, whether it’s being actively traded or simply resting in your account.

To make it even more convenient, we pay out the interest weekly. The interest is calculated based on the average account balance from the previous week, keeping the process transparent and simple.

This weekly interest payment is directly credited to your Banxso account, thereby increasing your available funds for trading. It’s like having your cake and eating it too! Your capital continues to grow while you focus on what you do best – trading.

Remember, the 8.7% interest is an additional return on your investment on top of any profit you make from your trades.

Harness Your Savings,
Maximize Your Gains

Are you seeking a way to turbocharge your trading funds? With Banxso, we’ve rolled out an unrivalled offer that’s geared specifically towards ambitious traders like you. We’re providing an incredible 8.7% interest rate* on your deposits. This is an exclusive chance to get more from your money while you’re deciding on your next big trade.

Raise the Bar With
Our Leading Interest Rate

This isn’t just a bonus, it’s a revolution. The 8.7% interest rate* that we’re offering is one of the highest in the industry, exceeding the standards set by major institutions. Let your money work for you, even when it’s at rest.

Earn Two Ways While you Invest

Deposit funds to your account and earn interest even while trading. Your money will continuously earn interest paid weekly, giving you the unique benefit of double returns.
You have the opportunity to earn returns from your trades AND your interest!

Unlock Your Funds With Banxso’s Incredible Interest Rate

Unlike banks that lock your money in place to earn interest, Banxso allows you to earn interest with immediate access to your funds.  In addition, you will continue to earn interest while you use the funds to trade.  

Qualification Is Simpler
Than You Think

With Banxso, we believe in making your trading experience smooth and rewarding. To qualify for our unbeatable interest rate, all you need to do is meet our minimum trading volumes*. Not there yet? Don’t worry, we have a host of educational resources and dedicated support staff to help guide you towards your trading goals.

Trade Freely, Earn Steadily:
The Banxso 8.7% Advantage!

At Banxso, we have redefined the trading experience for young South Africans. Now, your entire account balance earns an 8.7% interest, even as you actively trade. We’ve created more avenues to earn. It’s your money, make it work harder!

Ready to BOOST your BALANCE?

Ready to BOOOST

Getting started is easy. Log into your account today, make a deposit, and watch your balance grow.
Remember, this promotion is aimed at new and established clients. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing Banxso as your trading partner. Together, we can reach new heights.

* Terms and conditions. *

Join the Banxso Family

Banxso is not just an online trading platform, it’s a community. We’re creating a world where young, ambitious traders can make informed decisions, maximise their profits, and grow alongside us. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your trading experience. With Banxso, you’re always one step ahead.

The most dependable investment platform.

The most dependable
investment platform.

Fast, accurate, reliable.

We aim to make your investment experience enjoyable, while allowing you to trade with comfort and confidence no matter where you are.

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